Are You Listening More Than You Speak When You Meet With Prospects?

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I once had a meeting with a lead salesperson who thought he knew it all. He came off very arrogant. He kept telling me, or more like pushing his ideas. He would not listen to what I was trying to accomplish, our pain points, or how our workflow went in the office. He kept insisting on how […]

How to Create a Referral Blurb

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How to Create a Referral Blurb

If you are in need of referrals, then create a referral blurb. This is a prepared e-mail template that you can send to associates and partners for them to forward to people they know that could perhaps benefit from your services. By supplying the e-mail, you are not putting the burden on the person you […]

3 Things To Do After Attending A Network Event

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You took the time to go to a networking event and now you have a pocketful of business cards. Most of the time you toss them on the table and never look back. Or, you reach out once and give up. You wonder why you even bothered to go to the event. You talked to […]

Money Is Not The Reason To Work

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Money Is Not The Reason To Work

I am a whole-hearted believer that whether you work as an employee or business owner that your overall motivation should not be working to just make money. Money will not bring you fulfillment. There has to be more to the “why” you work in your chosen profession. We spend more time in a given day working than we do […]

3 Mindset Tips When You Cringe At The Thought Of Networking

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You have a desire to meet new people and generate new prospects for your business, but when you think of even going to a network event you cringe. Many people immediately associate networking with having to do the process of selling which is why they do not like going to networking events. Image Credit: Vera […]

DISC in the Workplace: A Great Style for Human Resources

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Image Credit: David Bleasdale | Flickr

Human Resource personnel have a hard job. They usually get a bad reputation because they have to carry out the not so pleasant duties of counseling people, firing people, and laying people off. Although they bring many valuable assets to an organization and their employees, sometimes the good is overlooked. People often feel like they […]

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