How to Setup Your Day for Success in Sales

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If you are a realtor, sales professional, or entrepreneur, you are in charge of your schedule and what you do with your time. Think about how much time you spend working on your business and whether you are spending your time on the right activities. Are you making client connections, getting listings, and the sales […]

How to Use Affirmations to Increase Your Sales Income

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To be a top sales professional you must have the right mindset. You will achieve what you believe you can achieve. In Brian Tracy’s book, The Psychology of Selling, he states that “psychologists have found that you cannot earn 10% more or less of your self-concept level of income. A Harvard study showed that the […]

3 Strategies to Prepare for Your Best Sales Call Yet

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When you leave a sales appointment, do you ever feel like it just did not go right? You stumbled over your words, the conversation was awkward, and you did not accomplish your goal walking out the meeting. Here are 3 strategies to help you turn your prospects into clients and reel in those sales going […]

Are You Listening More Than You Speak When You Meet With Prospects?

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I once had a meeting with a lead salesperson who thought he knew it all. He came off very arrogant. He kept telling me, or more like pushing his ideas. He would not listen to what I was trying to accomplish, our pain points, or how our workflow went in the office. He kept insisting on how […]

How to Create a Referral Blurb

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How to Create a Referral Blurb

If you are in need of referrals, then create a referral blurb. This is a prepared e-mail template that you can send to associates and partners for them to forward to people they know that could perhaps benefit from your services. By supplying the e-mail, you are not putting the burden on the person you […]

3 Things To Do After Attending A Network Event

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You took the time to go to a networking event and now you have a pocketful of business cards. Most of the time you toss them on the table and never look back. Or, you reach out once and give up. You wonder why you even bothered to go to the event. You talked to […]

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