3 Distractions to Watch Out for as an Entrepreneur

The importance of scheduling your time as an entrepreneur, realtor, or direct sales person is critical. Many people start their own business because they want to have freedom with their time and do what they want when they want it. But, the reality of being an entrepreneur is that you still need to schedule your time if you want to be a producer and grow your business.

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You cannot start the day with no plan unless you want it to be gone before you know it and then look back at the day and wonder what you accomplished. Don’t let whatever arises plan your day. This is where many people lose valuable time especially those working out of their homes.

Watch out for these 3 distractions and time consumers:

  1. Personal Tasks – It may be tempting to take care of personal tasks when you work from home, but those should not be done during your working hours. Set aside separate time outside of your working hours to take care of personal tasks. Personal tasks will distract you and cost you losing hours of your business day when you should be producing and generating income.
  2. Shiny Objects – You sit down at your computer ready to work, but then, you see an interesting article on the web, you want to look at Facebook for “only 5 minutes”, you see something you need to buy or something you want to update on your website. All of these tasks will suck up literally hours from your day, and you will realize in the end, you have accomplished nothing that brings revenue into your business.
  3. Learning – Entrepreneurs love to take in information. They want to know about all the greatest books, tools, and techniques. This is great, and there is nothing wrong with wanting to learn and discover new things to improve. There needs to be a specific amount of time you spend learning each day, but it should not be when you are supposed to be getting your work done. Many entrepreneurs spend too much time learning when they should be doing, then wonder why they are not making money. Work on the tasks that bring value and revenue to your business. Apply what you have already learned.

Is there anything wrong with wanting to do the above things? No, but during working hours is not the time. Right now is the time to produce in your business so you can pay your bills and get to the NEXT LEVEL in your business. If you want to get from “just surviving” to “thriving” in your business, then you need to spend the necessary time getting the work done. No distractions.

Learn to be disciplined in your day with your time.

Know the blocks of time that you will call prospects, do marketing, work on your core business tasks, process paperwork, and take care of accounting.

Eliminate distractions by having a specific place and time to work so you can focus. You can find tips and tools to help you focus at How to Stay Focused When Working Online.

When your day is organized and you know what specific tasks you are working on with scheduled time aside, you will be more productive in your business and see measurable progress.

Your Pressing Forward Moment: What distractions do you have when working? What can you change today in order to focus more? 

Do you want to move past what’s holding you back and get to the NEXT LEVEL?

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  • You definitely hit the nail on the head with those examples. As always great post.