Positively Speaking

Did you know your words have the power of life and death in them? You can speak positive or negative things over your life and circumstances. Your words can influence how you and those around you act and react.

Positively Speaking

If you want to start living a better life and have a better attitude, then you must change the words that you speak. Think about how you would like to see your life changed or a particular goal accomplished. Then, write those particular goals down and start speaking life over those things.

* Are you looking for a raise or promotion in your job, or to start your own business?

* Are you looking to lose weight?

* Are you looking to get out of debt or to save more money on a consistent basis?

* Are you looking to increase your health and fitness goals?

* Are you looking to be more confident?

Whatever your goals may be, it is important to speak life over those goals. You need to see yourself doing what you what to accomplish, speak as those they are already accomplished, have confidence in yourself, and take action towards those goals.

For example: If you are trying to lose weight, do not look at your past failures  or inconsistencies with your weight loss program. You need to set your new goals, determine in your mind and heart what you will do, write down those goals, post them in a place  you will frequently see them throughout the day, and then proceed with your action plan with intense determination.

If you want to accomplish a goal, then you must stay focused and intense. You cannot be half in the program. You can not say I will do this for a couple of days and see  how it goes. No, you have to enter the program with full force and intention. You have to say I am doing this program, and not let obstacles get in your way (which, by the way, are usually excuses). You must think before you start your plan which obstacles you may encounter and have a way in advance to deal with those situations so you do not veer from your plan when those obstacles and temptations arise.

Forget about the “I can’t” attitude because a particular circumstance or situation came up or thoughts of low self-esteem or confidence arose. You must everyday read aloud your goals and read aloud positive affirmations regarding yourself and your goal.

For example: I have lost 10 pounds.(Notice I did not say, “I will…” or “I hope…”)
I look great. I feel great. I have more energy than ever before. My diet is well-balanced and nutritious. I crave foods that are good and healthy for my mind and body. (You get the idea.)

The key is to think about your words before you write them down. They need to be specific and intentional.

I know for most of us out there, this will seem weird and be awkward at first. However, all I can tell you is that it works. Why does it work? It works because you can not do and accomplish what you do not believe. Believing comes by hearing. Our words are powerful. You will start to believe and become what you tell yourself.

If you tell yourself you can’t, then you will not. If you tell yourself you can, then you will.
If you tell yourself you are confident, then you will be. If you tell yourself you will never accomplish anything, then you will not.

The reason is because you take action according to what you think, speak, and believe. So, if you don’t like something particular in your life, then maybe it is time to think and speak differently about it. Stop repeating the same old thing,  get out of your comfort zone, and start thinking “out of the box”. No telling what you might accomplish!

It is the same concept as a parent telling a child he/she will never amount to anything. Whether or not it is true, the child believes it and therefore it sets the stage for that child’s life and that is how that child reacts. However, if the child chooses not to believe that or is blessed to have someone else in their life that can redirect the child, the child can overcome. We have all heard of true stories where folks came from poverty or an abusive home, yet rose above it and accomplished great things in their life. If you look back at their stories, they were successful because they had different thoughts, determination, faith, hard work, and perseverance that brought them out of those circumstances.

Therefore, I know you can do the same no matter what your goal, big or small.

Now, I am not saying this is easy. If it were easy, no one would have issues or challenges keeping them from accomplishing their goals and everyone would be successful in everything they attempt.

But, what I am saying is that your goals are possible with the right attitude, mind-set, determination, hard work, and faith. Therefore, what are you waiting for? Don’t waste another precious minute of your time. Life is too short! Get started today!

Remember, always keep “Pressing Forward“!!

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