Pressing Forward Masterminds

Pressing Forward” Masterminds

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I am looking for entrepreneurs who are serious about growing their business and taking action!

Each group will be limited to a small number of entrepreneurs so that we can spend time learning about and focusing on YOUR business! My goal is to keep the groups small so that everyone gets to participate regularly and receives value.

We want to hear about:
Your goals
* Y
our challenges
Your needs
Your successes

You will receive the following benefits from joining:
Build relationships & network with other Entrepreneurs
Learn & grow from each other
Challenge each other
* Ha
ve a sounding board for your ideas or work product and get feedback
Accountability to help you move forward in your goals
* Encouragement and support during those challenging times
* T
ime to ask questions in areas you may need help with
Access to a private Facebook group to keep in-touch, share ideas, experiences, or ask for feedback between our group calls

Who should join?:
Entrepreneurs serious about growing their business
Entrepreneurs that want to take action NOW
Entrepreneurs who want to learn from others and stretch themselves
Entrepreneurs that are willing to share their knowledge and experiences
Entrepreneurs willing to actively participate each week in the group

I am asking that each person make a three month commitment so that you and the group can get the full benefit. If you do not stick with it, then you cannot get the benefit of building strong, supportive relationships and see progress on your goals. However, if you decide not to stay-in for the full three months, there is no hard commitment that you have to fulfill. You may leave at any time.

What are members saying?:
“I am a motivator, but in order to stay motivated myself I need someone to hold me accountable. Pressing Forward Mastermind more than exceeded my need and took my creativity to the next level. It challenges my plans, it boosts my inspiration, and it causes me to redefine my priorities. Pressing Forward Mastermind helped me a lot with my new book, The Belief Vaccine.”
Tout ce que vous voulez, vous pouvez l’obtenir si vous faites ce qu’il faut et si vous comptez avec le Seigneur.” (Vitalis Essala)

“The Pressing Forward Mastermind helped me examine my business like never before. My initial goal for the mastermind was to receive a broader viewpoint of my business. I knew I needed to get out of my local community and find ways to grow my business. I was provided with the opportunity to speak to multiple entrepreneurs with various backgrounds and years of experience which allowed me to gain insight on my website, pricing, products and services. I made the necessary tweaks and growth within a matter of months.”
Michelle Ngome | Networking Coach

What is the cost?
The cost is $20 a month. That’s less than a dollar a day; a small price to pay for those serious about building their business. And, you can try the first meeting for “free” to ensure the group is the right fit for you.

When would we meet?
We meet once a week for one hour by video conference. You also have the option to join the conference by audio only. 

* Tuesdays at 5:30 p.m. CDT

Why meet by video?
We encourage members to participate by video versus audio only so that everyone can receive more value. The video allows us to be more personable by putting a face with the name of the person we are speaking with. In addition, the video allows us to share our screen with content when needed. If you have a web page, advertisement, book cover, etc., that you would like to get feedback on, you could show us online during the call. The live interaction helps us to make our calls more valuable and productive because you can get immediate feedback on what you are working on and can make progress towards your goals.

So, what are you waiting for?
Begin your “Pressing Forward” journey into the Mastermind NOW! E-mail with “Mastermind” as the subject to INQUIRE NOW!

Once you e-mail me, I will send you a brief questionnaire to complete and return. You will then receive a confirmation e-mail with the date/time of the next meeting and dial-in number. You can try the first meeting for “free”. Then, if you want to continue, you will be sent a “subscribe” e-mail.

E-mail with “Mastermind”
as the subject to INQUIRE NOW!

All my best,

 Remember to always keep “Pressing Forward”!