Speaking Topics

I speak on topics to help individuals, direct sales professionals, and entrepreneurs align their mindset, habits, and communication with their goals so they can get to the NEXT LEVEL and achieve the RESULTS they desire in their life and business. Below are some topics I specialize in; however, I customize keynotes, conference break-out sessions, workshops, and seminars for my audience. 

Generating Leads & Sales Using the Personality Styles
(Based on DISC Sales Profiles)

Do you know why your customers buy? Do you what questions to ask to get them to buy? Brian Tracy stated, “People decide emotionally and then justify logically.” This presentation will help sales professionals identify the different buying and selling styles and the emotions behind them. You will learn how to connect more easily with prospects and how to adapt your style to your customer’s personality style. Learning to communicate in the different styles will help you build the know, like, and trust factor to increase sales with clients and prospects!

Where Has All The Time Gone?

Do you start your day off with great intentions to only have the day end with the same items on your tasks list? Are you producing the results you want? Think about how much time you spend working each day and whether you are spending your time on the right activities. This presentation will teach you practical strategies on goal setting and time management so that you can start making the impact you desire in your life and business!

 Mission Possible: Serving Your Customers Well

What is your customer’s perception of you and your business? Do they only hear from you when you have another new product to sell? Learn how to get new customers and repeat business from your current customers by bringing value to them and nurturing them before, during, and after the sale through effective communication. Your best customer is the one you already have. Learn practicable ways to serve your customers well on a consistent basis to keep them coming back!

 The Gifts of the Personalities
(Based on DISC Personality Profiles)

Learn what gift each personality style brings to your team, communication DO’s and DON’Ts, strengths and personal growth areas of each style, and the motivational characteristics of each. By learning about your personality style and each other’s, it creates awareness on how to communicate more effectively, improve interpersonal skills, and build better teams. When we increase our communicate skills and focus on building relationships, it reduces stress, reduces conflict, and helps us to lead more productive lifestyles in both our personal and professional environments.

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Pressing Forward
Going Beyond Never Speech

Engaging personality, professional presentation, great take-aways.



Angela Chatham
Angela Chatham

A little about me…
I am passionate about helping individuals enhance their personal development, excel in their career, and grow their business. For over 20
 years, I have worked both in the corporate and private sectors and have successfully managed and trained individuals and teams. I am a DISC Certified Instructor in Behavioral Analysis through 48 Days LLC. I am a Facilitator for the 48 Days to the Work You Love workshops. In addition, I am an active member of Toastmasters International and am currently serving as Secretary in my local chapter. By bringing my experience and training throughout the years to you and your organization, I will provide you with practical strategies, inspiration, and valuable resources to accomplish your goals.

I live in Mandeville, LA which is about 36 miles from New Orleans. I enjoy walking and biking on the St. Tammany Trace when it’s not 95% outside! And, of course, I enjoy eating at all of the great New Orleans restaurants.

What’s Next…

I appreciate you taking the time to visit my site and considering me for your next speaking engagement. If you would like further information or to check my availability, please e-mail me at angela@pressingforward.org.

What Can You Expect From Me?

Event planners can expect me to:

* Be easy to work with, professional, and organized.
* Return phone calls and e-mails promptly.
* Deliver an engaging and motivational presentation with practical tips and a call to action based on your goals for your audience and organization.
* Follow-up after the event to ensure I met your expectations. I welcome any feedback you may have to improve future presentations. Your feedback is very important to me so that I can serve you and all my clients with a spirit of excellence.

Event Planner Information

For planning information and to see what I need from you to help me make your event as smooth as possible and accomplish your goals for the event, please see my Event Planner Information page. It will have information such as my rider, introduction, bio, promotional photos, and more.


DISC Certified Instructor