The Power of a Decision

“Making a true decision means committing to achieving a result, and then cutting yourself off from any other possibility.” – Tony Robbins

When you are double minded in your decisions, then you are not going to make the progress you want in your life or business.

Many times, we make a decision and before we even give the effort to see it through, we are already coming up with all sorts of alternatives. We start thinking about all the “what ifs.” We start thinking about why it will not work.

Instead, we should be focusing on the efforts to follow through on the decision we already made. We should be giving it our all. Consider the definition of the word, “commit”. It means “to pledge or assign to some particular course or use” or “to carry into action deliberately,” according to Merriam-Webster.

When you think about the decisions you have made lately, are you set on a particular course? Are you taking deliberate action?

Or, are you wavering in your decision? Do you find yourself starting and stopping different ideas and projects you start?

If you are not “committed” to your decisions, then you will not move forward and you will stunt your progress. Decide to be committed to seeing the end result of your decisions.

When you truly make a decision, you will figure out what you need to do. When you give yourself no other options and decide this is the only way, you will make it work. You will be single minded and focusing all of your energy, thoughts, and actions towards that decision. You will get your mind going in that direction and generating the ideas of the how-to. Your mind will be focused instead of being in a state of confusion.

Stop finding and giving yourself 50 ways to get out of something and figure out the 50 things you need to do to get to the end result of your decision.

Some people have quit their job to start a new venture because they knew it was the only way to get their business of the ground. They knew because of the type of person they were that if they kept their job it would be a crutch. They would take forever to get their business off the ground because they had the cushion of a paycheck. It would give them time to procrastinate and not get the work done. 

Now, I’m not advocating you quit your job. Everyone has a different risk tolerance and what will motivate them to do what’s necessary to achieve their goals. The point is you cannot waver in your decision. Do what you set out to do and don’t focus on what other options you may have. When you continue to focus on other options, it will lead to lower levels of satisfaction according to Harvard psychologist Dan Gilbert. Furthermore, in a study by the Journal of Experimental Social Psychology, when you reverse a decision, it will lead to regret. Regret can be one of the biggest pains we experience. So, keep to your decision to see it through so you can experience the joy of the outcome and knowing you did everything you could to see it to fruition. 

Your “Pressing Forward” Moment: What decision will you make today and commit to?

Do you want to move past what’s holding you back and get to the NEXT LEVEL?

Are you ready to create a clear ACTION plan to accomplish your goals and achieve the RESULTS you want in your life and business?

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  • “Stop
    finding and giving yourself 50 ways to get out of something and figure
    out the 50 things you need to do to get to the end result of your
    decision.” That spoke volumes to me Angela.

  • Ann, glad to hear this statement spoke to you. We do tend to talk ourselves out of something before we even figure out what we need to do to succeed in it. We need to work the plan for the decisions we have already made.

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