10 Tips to Write a Resume That Gets Results

10 Tips to Write a Resume That Gets Results

Here are 10 tips to help you create a resume that will stand out and get results. Some tips seem simple and obvious, but if I am mentioning it, it is because I have come across the problem in candidate’s resumes. Therefore, take the time to review and update your resume. It will make a difference whether your resume stands out and gets you an interview.

10 tips to better resume writing:

1. Check your spelling and grammar. Nothing will get your resume weeded out quicker than a resume with spelling errors especially the same word misspelled repeatedly. The hiring manager will assume if you are going to rush through creating your first impression (your resume) and not even take the time to run a simple spell check in MS Word, then you will not produce the quality of work and be thorough in the work they want to hire you to do. Take the time, and spell check!

2. Do not explain reasons why you left jobs. If the hiring manager wants to know, they will ask during the interview. The purpose of your resume is not to explain your whole life story. It is a sales tool to help open up the doors to get you an interview.

3. Have someone else review your resume. We tend not to catch our own mistakes. A second set of eyes will help to catch mistakes you were reading right through.

4. A resume should not be a book. It should include relevant information to the job you are applying. A resume should highlight your best accomplishments and skill set along with your experience. Keep the resume to one to two pages. You need to remember that hiring managers are very busy and go through hundreds of resumes. You only have a brief moment to get their attention.

5. Include a Job Title & Skills Summary at the top of your resume. Specify a specific job title at the top of your resume and below that a summary of your main skills and experience. Use this in place of an Objective as they are outdated. You want to show what you can do for the employer not what the employer can do for you.

6. Include a Skills Expertise or Key Strengths Section Underneath your Skills Summary, create a Skills Expertise section using a bulleted list to highlight and promote your best marketable skills. What skills do you have that make you the best candidate for this position? 

7. Do not include your references or state they are available on your resume. You do not want to take up valuable space on your resume with references. Create a separate page with all of your references. Use the space on your resume instead to include conferences you attended, certifications obtained or volunteer activities.

8. Ensure you have a professional looking resume that is nicely formatted and appeasing to the eye. Do not make the font so small that it cannot be easily read. Select a font size between 10 – 12 point. Use headings and bullet points to organize your information and make your resume easy to read and to bring attention to key information. Leave white space so your resume does not appear cluttered.

9. Quantify your experience. Do not just tell someone what you did. Tell them the results that you accomplished through your responsibilities and goals. For example: How much money did you save an employer? How much revenue did you bring in? By what percentage did you increase workflow efficiency?

10. If you use an acronym, ensure you spell out what the acronym means the first time you mention it and place the acronym in parenthesis. Then, you may use the acronym throughout the resume. The first person to screen your resume may not recognize the acronym. This is especially important if you are submitting your resume to a company in a different industry. Many industries have their own vocabulary and acronyms. If you are trying to change industries and show how you can bring value, then you need to ensure they know what the acronyms mean so they can try and relate to it and how that could correlate value in their industry. If they do not know what the acronym means, then they will not be able to relate to your skills and the value you can bring.

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