4 Essential Keys to Keep Committed to Your Decision

In a recent blog, I talked about The Power of a Decision. Now that you have made a decision to pursue a dream, start a business, or do something different in your business, you need to know how to stick to that decision and keep motivated to see it to fruition. It can be discouraging when you make a decision in your life or business and it looks like nothing is happening. 

How do you keep going when it looks like you are not getting the results that you thought you were going to get?

Here are 4 essential keys to help you to commit to your decision and continue moving forward:

Don’t fall into regret – You do not want to have the pain of regret. Regret will always make you look back and wonder what you could have accomplished if you would have not given up. The Journal of Experimental Social Psychology did a study that showed when you reverse a decision, it will lead to regret. So, make your decision and don’t look back.

Don’t give up on your business or dream. You need to keep consistent, persistent, and keep working at it daily. If you take steps daily, you will begin to see progress. Most people who do not see their dream or business come to fruition is because they gave up too soon on their idea. It is not doing the one big thing a couple of times that will make you reach your goal and be a success. It is the effort you are putting in every day.

The people who actualize their dreams and goals are the people who make the decision, make the commitment, and stick to it for the long haul. Many people get into direct sales, real estate, or a new business venture and quit only a few months after starting. They quit because they are not seeing results at the very beginning. However, those that keep at it and are consistent will see the results.

Stop comparing yourself to others – You cannot compare yourself to other people who have been in the business for years and are making the money you desire, and have built a solid network. You are setting yourself up for discouragement and disappointment when you do this. You need to focus on doing the work. Start where you are at and then you will get to the level or rank that you see other people have achieved as you are consistent and build your business. 

Learn from your mistakes – When you get discouraged, it is important to remember to not stay in that state. You need to pick yourself back up. You have to get back focused on creating results and stop focusing on the failure or perceived failure because not everything that you try is going to work.

You need to look at failure as a lesson learned. It is part of gaining knowledge and experience. Do not continue to focus on the fact that a particular idea or approach did not work in your business. What you need to focus on is what’s next. What can I learn from this experience? If this didn’t work, then what do I need to do to keep going? 

Create a state of mindfulness – Success has a lot to do with your mindset. If you let yourself start doubting and focusing on what you did wrong, then you will lower your self-esteem and you will lower your energy. You will then project this state of lack of confidence to others and that is not going to draw people to you. You will not attract the business that you want. You need to keep yourself focused on the positive, focused on the next thing you need to do, and then start taking immediate action to get back in the game.

When you do this, you will be a success. It is important to immediately get back to the state of mindfulness when you have experienced a failure or setback. Mindfulness meaning in the present, being in the now.

Don’t have regrets by giving up and reversing your decision. Get back focused on the end result you desire to create.

Your Pressing Forward Moment: Is there anything you were thinking about giving up on because you were beginning to get discouraged?

Do you want to move past what’s holding you back and get to the NEXT LEVEL?

Are you ready to create a clear ACTION plan to accomplish your goals and achieve the RESULTS you want in your life and business?

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