10 Tips to Write a Resume That Gets Results

10 Tips to Write a Resume That Gets Results

Here are 10 tips to help you create a resume that will stand out and get results. Some tips seem simple and obvious, but if I am mentioning it, it is because I have come across the problem in candidate’s resumes. Therefore, take the time to review and update your resume. It will make a difference Read More

Mentor Opportunity

Don’t Miss Your Mentor Opportunity

What do you look for in a mentor? Are you even looking? You should. There are many people all around you who are wiser, more experienced, and wealthier than you and they would be happy to share their “secrets” with you. But, they aren’t going to just seek you out. You need to be the type Read More

Start living today with intent and purpose! Don’t live another day focusing on regret.

Today’s Decisions – Will You Take Meaningful Action?

What type of decisions are you making today? Are you making decisions that will impact your life for the better and the long term? Or, are you making quick, impulsive decisions based on emotions and the busyness of the day? The decisions you make today about your life whether it be finances, relationships, or career Read More

when things go wrong

What To Do When You Want To Give Up

Do you know what to do when you want to give up? A while back Michael Hyatt shared a great poem on his blog The poem is a great encouragement if you’re thinking about throwing in the towel. Here’s a little bit of the poem he shared. When things go wrong, as they sometimes Read More

Is Your Pitch Sending Out The Right

Is Your Pitch Sending Out The Right Message?

Picture this, you are at a local cafe with a bunch of people you just met. Everyone is enjoying their lattes and espressos. Everyone is swapping business stories and little funny anecdotes about themselves. At this point, anyone of them could be a potential customer. One of them looks at you eagerly and asks, “What Read More


4 Essential Keys to Keep Committed to Your Decision

In a recent blog, I talked about The Power of a Decision. Now that you have made a decision to pursue a dream, start a business, or do something different in your business, you need to know how to stick to that decision and keep motivated to see it to fruition. It can be discouraging Read More