Don’t Miss Your Mentor Opportunity

Mentor Opportunity

What do you look for in a mentor? Are you even looking? You should. There are many people all around you who are wiser, more experienced, and wealthier than you and they would be happy to share their “secrets” with you.

But, they aren’t going to just seek you out. You need to be the type of person who is ready and willing to learn from others. You need to seek out their wise counsel. You need to make it happen.

Here a few practical tips to help you take advantage of the mentoring opportunities all around you:

1. Ask. Don’t be scared to ask for advice or help. You’d be surprised who is willing to sit down and share insights with you. Have enough confidence to assume others would be happy to pour into you and enough humility to know you need it.

2. Make it very easy for them. When you get an opportunity to meet with someone, be prepared with an agenda and questions. Have them written out ahead of time. Never show up for a meeting that you set and then expect the other person to lead the meeting. Obviously you want them talking more than you do, but that happens by asking good questions.

3. Pay to play. Invite someone to lunch or coffee, and be sure you pay the bill. It’s a sign of respect and professionalism. This is not the moment to be cheap. The type of people you want to interact with are probably paid well for their time and insights. If you don’t have a big budget, then ask if you can meet at a coffee shop. Make it casual and easy. Work around their schedule. Remember, this is an investment in your future. The cost of a lunch or coffee is well worth it.

4. Don’t overburden. You want to learn and grow, but be sure to respect your mentor’s time. Always be courteous and professional by sticking to your prearranged schedule. This will set you up for follow-up meetings.

5. Put it into practice. If you are always asking for help and advice but never change or put into practice what has been shared with you, you’ll lose credibility and ultimately the opportunity to continue meeting with your mentor. People like to invest in people that they see are applying what they are learning and making progress.

Your “Pressing Forward” Moment: What has been the best tip a mentor has given you? What could you use help with from a mentor at this moment?

Do you want to move past what’s holding you back and get to the NEXT LEVEL?

Are you ready to create a clear ACTION plan to accomplish your goals and achieve the RESULTS you want in your life and business?

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