Is Your Pitch Sending Out The Right Message?

Picture this, you are at a local cafe with a bunch of people you just met. Everyone is enjoying their lattes and espressos. Everyone is swapping business stories and little funny anecdotes about themselves. At this point, anyone of them could be a potential customer.

Is Your Pitch Sending Out The Right Message?

One of them looks at you eagerly and asks, “What do you do?” You dive right in. You give them a brief background and a few highlights about your branding. They give a polite nod, but do not really latch onto the idea and move onto the next person. However, this was your carefully crafted value proposition!

What went wrong?

Let’s consider whether your pitch is sending out the right message.

Shalom Schwartz, a social psychologist identifies 10 personal values identified by everyone. These values are distributed in four dimensions relating to conservation, self-enhancement, openness to change and self-transcendence.

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The more similar these values are, the more similar the motivation. Opposing values would logically clash.

For example, achievement and power would work under self-enhancement. If there are two opposing values that deal with self-transcendence (devotion to others) and self-enhancement (social superiority), for instance — the motivations are conflicted.

Check out this link to get the definition of the values and more information: An Overview of the Schwartz Theory of Basic Values.

How is your business positioned?:

Conflicts – Is your message confusing? Can anyone understand and relate to what you do? Are your values clear?

Core Values – What are your business core values? Where do your potential client’s values fall? Do these two values align?

When values align, then you will have the ear of your potential clients and they will be more engaged and motivated to take action.

Your “Pressing Forward” Moment: How can you change your pitch to align with your business values and your potential client’s values?

Do you want to move past what’s holding you back and get to the NEXT LEVEL?

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