Move from Fear to Confidence!

7 Day Facebook Live Challenge!

Starts Monday, August 3, 2020


If you want to ...

  • Stop thinking about doing the FB Lives, you know you should be doing, and actually DO them!

  • Stop being nervous and afraid of "going live", and gain the confidence to press that LIVE button!

  • Stop hesitating because you don't know what to say, and have an actual content plan. 

  • Stop being overwhelmed with the technology, and gain knowledge of tools to help you "go live" with ease. 

Then, join us!
You'll be given each day: 

  • A topic idea for your “live”.

  • A “FB Live” tip, technical tip, or related marketing strategy.

  • A Biblical principle to help shift your mindset from fear to CONFIDENCE and inspire you!

Welcome Faith-Filled Entrepreneurs!

Hi! I’m Angela Chatham, your Confidence & Technology Coach.

I empower faith-filled entrepreneurs to "Boldly Lead & Succeed in Business!" by helping them to increase their clarity, focus, and confidence. 

I would love for you to join our "7 Day Facebook Live Challenge" so that you can move from fear to confidence in your FB lives, and reach your ideal audience!


Join our "7 Day Facebook Live Challenge!"

Starts Monday, August, 3, 2020 at 8:00 a.m. CST each day. 

Replays available in our private group. 


Why Join the Challenge?

  • We'll have 7 days to help you gain confidence, get consistent, and provide strategies to help you create a FB Live plan to grow your audience!

  • You can post and get your questions answered in the "FB Live Private Group" .

  • You'll have a chance to practice and get feedback on your videos to improve your speaking and presentation skills to increase your confidence.

  • You'll feel a sense of relief and less stress with "going live".

    Prizes! You'll have a chance to win from a drawing when you actively participate in the FB group, and do your "lives".

Let's Do This!

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