Are you living your life with purpose and intention?

Think about what you do in a given day. What could you give up that is unfulfilling and unproductive to make room for something more fulfilling and rewarding?

Are you living your life with purpose and intention-

Most of us, including myself, have an overwhelming schedule, many demands, deadlines to meet, and people constantly wanting and requiring more of us. With all of these demands in a given day, we CAN, with focus and intention learn how to prioritize and take care of what really makes a difference in our daily lives and career in order to achieve what we want and fulfill our full potential.

Take these actions and start bringing immediate change in your life and career today!:

* Examine your thoughts, and stop focusing on negative and counter-intuitive ones. It is important to have an I CAN attitude and move beyond obstacles in your thinking. You can not accomplish what you do not believe. What kind of thoughts have you had lately?

* Consider what has been coming out of your mouth, think before you speak, and only speak positive life giving words. When we speak, positive or negative, that is what we are creating and moving towards. Our words can unleash our faith! They have power. How are you using your words today?

* Analyze your tasks in a given day, and eliminate at least one that has not been bringing actual value and results. Live intentional! Determine what you are doing and why. See if this strategy gets you some time back! What is one thing that takes a lot of your time, but returns little or no value?

* Examine how much rest, recuperation, and reflection time you personally have. Have none? Then, make some time. It is crucial to your overall well being, creativity, and energy. What part of the day will be “your time” going forward?

* Re-evaluate your goals. Have you made progress lately on any of them? What are the next steps you can take? Have no written goals? Create some! Having dreams, visions, and goals helps us to feel valued and have a purpose. In turn, this creates a life of expectancy and fulfillment. When we obtain our goals no matter big or small, it is exhilarating and exciting! It gives you hope for the future and encourages you to reach for the next level!!

Having trouble trying to accomplish the above actions?

The right Life & Career Coach can help you:

* Raise your awareness of where your time is actually spent.
Focus on your dreams and goals specific to your life and career.
Increase your value and potential in your career or job.
Examine and take calculated risks to achieve what you want.
Recognize and examine tasks and responsibilities that need to be eliminated from your life and/or job.
Create action items that work towards your goals.
* See new perspectives and opportunities
Open your mind and encourage your creativity!
Identify things in your life holding you back.
Raise your self esteem and confidence.
Identify reasons for procrastination, move beyond those things, and get into action.

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The only way to predict your future is to create it!