Hi, I’m Angela Chatham. Welcome! I am passionate about helping individuals enhance their personal development, excel in their career, and grow their business. I help high achieving individuals, teams, and organizations become better leaders and communicators so they can ELEVATE their RESULTS in their life and business!

Most importantly, I encourage and motivate people to always continue “Pressing Forward”!

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Learn what I can do to help you get past what is holding you back and create a clear ACTION plan to achieve the goals and RESULTS you want in your life and business.

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Helping individuals get to the NEXT LEVEL in their life or business by helping them get past what’s holding them back, to develop new habits, and self-talk. Providing 1-on-1 coaching via phone, video, or in person depending on your location. Choose from 3 available programs to begin Pressing Forward today. Find out more…
Offering topics to help individuals, teams, and organizations align their leadership and communication with their goals to achieve the RESULTS they desire in their life and business. I customize keynotes, conference break-out sessions, workshops, and seminars for my audience. I also offer teachings from John Maxwell. Find out more…
DISC Personality Profile– Learn your specific strengths, personal growth areas, and how to improve your overall communication skills. Sales Profile – Learn about your selling style and your customer’s buying style so you can sell more. Learn tips to motivate and manage your sales team in their style. Find out more…
Build relationships & network with like-minded entrepreneurs, learn & grow from each other, receive feedback on your ideas and work product, and get accountability to help you move forward in your goals. This group meets via phone or video for 1 hour each week. Find out more…
Are you in need of a new job? Are you tired of work that is unfulfilling? Do you have future dreams but don’t have a plan? Do you feel “stuck” and that you are just going through the motions everyday? You can keep doing what you are doing… or you can find or create work you love! Find out more…


Coaching & Speaking Testimonials

Pressing Forward
When working with Angela, she was always very patient and perceptive in her abilities to see employees’ special talents. She communicates clearly, and gets right to the point. I learned a lot from Angela when I worked with her. She was able to make me a more organized employee, which has greatly helped me in my current job. Angela has an extreme dedication to her work and an excellent ability to work well with people of diverse backgrounds and talents. I wholeheartedly recommend Angela as a coach. She has an even temper, positive outlook and excellent organizational skills, both verbal and written. I can only say that as a consultant, one could not ask for a better person to deal with than Angela in terms of temperament and skill.

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