Speaking Engagements

Equipping individuals, teams, and organizations to become EFFECTIVE LEADERS and COMMUNICATORS.

Speaking Topics

I customize keynotes, conference break-out sessions, workshops, and events to bring the most value to my clients.
Here are some topics that I specialize in:
  • Effective Leadership & Team Building – Build awareness, foster growth, and improve leadership abilities and communication skills.

  • Time Management & Productivity Focus on what matters most, improve organization, and streamline processes.

  • Effective Communication – Open communication and understand others better using the DISC styles.



  • Creating a Success Mindset – Increase clarity, focus, & confidence.

  • Mission Possible: Customer Service at Its’ Finest.

  • Growth & Goal Achievement – How growth versus goal achievement will get you further.

  • Laws of Growth - In order to reach your full potential, you must be self-aware, continue to learn and grow, and be willing to stretch yourself.

Testimonial from Michele Von Hoven

Here is what Michele Von Hoven, CEO, of Be Fit Financially, had to say about my presentation at the Women's Healthy Wealth Event!

What Participants Have to Say...

"Engaging personality, professional presentation, great take-aways."Kathy F.

"Made a possibly dry and boring information based presentation into a personal, warm, and interesting topic." - Chic M.

"Very powerful speech! Wow!" Claude W.


Just Kids Dental - Office Managers & COO

"Very informative. Visual props were really helpful."

"I gained a lot of insightful information that I can take with me."

"Very thought-provoking. I am eager to spend more time thinking about what was discussed."


What Can You Expect from Me?

* Be easy to work with, professional, and organized.

* Return phone calls and e-mails promptly.

* Deliver a powerful, engaging and motivational presentation with practical strategies and a call to action based on your goals for your team and organization.

* Follow-up after the event to ensure I met your expectations. I welcome any feedback you may have to improve future presentations. Your feedback is very important to me so that I can serve you and all my clients with a spirit of excellence.

* References available upon request.

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