Speaking Engagements

Equipping individuals, teams, and organizations to become EFFECTIVE LEADERS and COMMUNICATORS.

Speaking Topics

I customize keynotes, conference break-out sessions, workshops, and events to bring the most value to my clients.
Here are some topics that I specialize in:
  • Effective Leadership & Team Building – Build awareness, foster growth, and improve leadership abilities and communication skills.

  • Time Management & Productivity Focus on what matters most, improve organization, and streamline processes.

  • Effective Communication – Open communication and understand others better using the DISC styles.



  • Creating a Success Mindset – Increase clarity, focus, & confidence.

  • Mission Possible: Customer Service at Its’ Finest.

  • Growth & Goal Achievement – How growth versus goal achievement will get you further.

  • Laws of Growth - In order to reach your full potential, you must be self-aware, continue to learn and grow, and be willing to stretch yourself.

What Participants Have to Say...

"Engaging personality, professional presentation, great take-aways."Kathy F.

"Made a possibly dry and boring information based presentation into a personal, warm, and interesting topic." - Chic M.

"Very powerful speech! Wow!" Claude W.


Just Kids Dental - Office Managers & COO

"Very informative. Visual props were really helpful."

"I gained a lot of insightful information that I can take with me."

"Very thought-provoking. I am eager to spend more time thinking about what was discussed."


What Can You Expect from Me?

* Be easy to work with, professional, and organized.

* Return phone calls and e-mails promptly.

* Deliver a powerful, engaging and motivational presentation with practical strategies and a call to action based on your goals for your team and organization.

* Follow-up after the event to ensure I met your expectations. I welcome any feedback you may have to improve future presentations. Your feedback is very important to me so that I can serve you and all my clients with a spirit of excellence.

* References available upon request.

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