Corporate Programs

Helping companies  increase their employees' leadership abilities and communication skills in order to IMPROVE CUSTOMER SERVICE, STRENGTHEN PRODUCTIVITY, and INCREASE SALES.

Leadership & Executive Coaching

Increase clarity, focus, and confidence to make the powerful, impact you desire in order to effectively lead your teams, departments, and organization.

Enhance your communication style, emotional intelligence, and conflict management skills to build leadership and collaborative teams. 

Become the leader you are meant to be!

Packages are customized to your specific needs.

John Maxwell's 360 Leadership Assessment

Leadership is influence — nothing more, nothing less. To grow in leadership, one must grow in influence.

This resource is designed to measure your current level of influence through your own self-assessment, as well as feedback from others around you.

This information can then be used to target your leadership growth.

The John Maxwell Leadership Game

Looking for a way to raise your team's leadership awareness and increase team building? Then, look no further.

This Leadership Game is only offered through exclusive, certified members of the John Maxwell Team, which I am part of. 

Contact me to facilitate the game for your team!


Leadership & Communication Workshops

Raise your team's leadership lid so they can increase their impact and influence to improve customer service, strengthen productivity, and increase sales.

These interactive workshops will help your team improve their leadership and communication skills while encouraging team building. 


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