How To Learn Time Management To Accomplish More and Relieve Stress

How To Learn Time Management

I would contend that exploring how to learn time management and then implementing a deliberate time management plan in your career will assist you in accomplishing more on a daily basis and relieve a lot of the stress you may be feeling. Just as importantly, practicing good time management will help you move to the next level professionally. If you are like most leaders, you know the importance of of learning time management, but just how do you go about it?

Time Management 101

A class named How to Learn Time Management wasn’t a course that I was offered in high school or college. How about you? I have thought about surveying my friends, colleagues, and clients to see if it was something they came across in their formal schooling. While I have not actually run that survey, my hunch is that the results would show that very few actually were taught how to learn time management. And how unfortunate! Time and again, I hear from my clients that they would like to improve their time management skills to accelerate their success in leadership.

Time Management During Challenging Times

During the COVID-19 pandemic, with so many of us are working from home, time management has become an increasingly important topic. First of all, we’re all out of our routines! Many of us are working from home where we can easily be distracted by the activities and sounds of our family members who are also stuck at home. Changes in staffing or in processes in your business life now mean you have an increased need for a solid routine and the skills of good time management.

Where To Start To Improve Your Time Management

Get real and get honest. One of the best ways to really see what you are missing in your time management plan is to take an inventory. What works? What appears to start off well only to lead you down a rabbit trail of time not well used? You will find it helpful to work with a trusted colleague, a friend, or a coach—someone who will help you look at how you’re managing you time with a fresh, objective set of eyes. No store stays in business long without taking an inventory of its stock on a regular basis, so I encourage you to spend some time on this exercise at scheduled times throughout the year. As you tweak and make changes, you will be able to see improvement and growth in how you manage your time. It will be well worth it.

I’m looking forward to the next few posts and the conversation we will have about the topic of time management. I’d love to hear how you feel you’re doing in the area of your leadership. I’ve found that even the seemingly most proficient ninjas of time management always feel that they can improve upon how they spend their time. Reach out and let’s talk! Until next time, do good and be well!


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