Successful Leadership Skills during a Crisis

Successful Leadership Skills during a Crisis

Successful leadership skills during a crisis will help you lead the way and catapult your company.

“Flexibility is the only true security.” What a great quotation for times like this!


Why strategic leadership is more important than ever

I first learned of this quotation from Paula Pant. Paula is a businesswoman, podcast host, writer, speaker, and media commentator on financial independence and real estate investing. She credits the quotation to J.L. Collins. While Ms. Pant and Mr. Collins were applying this principle to the world of personal finance, it’s especially true for anyone who is in a role of leadership during the uncertain times created by COVID-19. To say the least, things are topsy turvy!

I bring up the statement to illustrate why strategic leadership wins every time over working management. In the past few blog posts, we’ve been in a conversation about how important it is to stay in the...

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