The Importance of Empathetic Leadership During a Time of Crisis

The Importance of Empathetic Leadership

To fully understand the importance of empathetic leadership during a time of crisis, think back to mid-February. How tuned in to your team were you then? I will bet you are as surprised as I am as to how different the world is just a few months later. Has your level of connection to your team kept pace with those changes? As I write this post, the United States is about four months into the response to the COVID-19 pandemic crisis. Who would have ever thought things would be disrupted this long? Certainly not me.

What is Your Team Going Through?

We have to admit, the pandemic has had a profound human cost. Some people have lost their employment, either partially or entirely. Others have lost loved ones to the disease. Members of your team may have had the illness or had to expend time, energy, and effort to care for family members who have been sick. Most parents with school age children have been given a bit of a reprieve thanks to summer...

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