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How to Practice Empathy in your Leadership Style

How to Practice Empathy

Communication can be the most important facet of how to practice empathy in your leadership style. Striving to become a world-class communicator will do amazing things to help you reach the heart of your employee. Particularly now, couldn’t we all use more supportive relationships, where there is an understanding of each other's challenges and situations?

Empathy Through Communication

Communication is always important, but during a crisis like the COVID-19 pandemic, it is even more so. Good communication will calm anxiety and give way to an open, two-way conversation. In times of crisis, you really can’t communicate too much. Be clear and be concise, but communicate! Your team will appreciate being kept abreast of how things are going in the business. In general, people like to know what to expect, and if you’re transparent about what is going on, your communication will show empathy. As we talked about in an earlier series of posts, your...

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