Key Drivers of Employee Engagement and the Importance of Work-Life Balance

What key drivers of employee engagement can be a force multiplier in improving employee productivity, loyalty, and satisfaction? What can make a team member go above and beyond the call of duty? The answer to these questions is anything that addresses the critical area of improving work/life balance.

Key drivers of employee engagement

Think of a strong commitment to a work/life balance as being the gift that keeps on giving—for your team and for you. I’ve mentioned several times in this series on employee engagement just how valuable an asset your people are. Your commitment to a well thought out and carefully delivered work/life balance puts the spotlight on them. This is where you get to show your team how much you value them as people.

It’s easy to imagine how a work/life balance is good for your employee, but you may be questioning how a commitment to this key driver of employee engagement benefits you, the company leader. An international survey representing...

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The Value of Feedback in an Employee Engagement Strategy

The value of feedback in an employee engagement strategy is immense. Employee engagement is the most important lever you can pull to move your organization, business, or team to the next level. Perhaps your most valuable asset is your team of people. As a leader, your goal should be to move those team members to their most productive and engaged level. A valuable component of an effective employee engagement strategy is providing feedback to your employees. Feedback will lead to a noticeable return on your investment. The positive results for your effort will surprise you.

If you’re looking for the biggest bang for your buck in the arena of employee engagement, providing feedback to those you lead is right at the top of the list. Feedback is a mighty tool you can use to help improve the communication that’s so needed to help start to fully engage an employee and make them feel like their work is important.

Giving feedback

Feedback is something just about every parent or...

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The Cost of Not Having an Employee Engagement Strategy

Having an employee engagement strategy is the most effective way to move the needle of your company’s profitability. I said that in my post on why employee engagement is important, and I firmly believe that’s true. We briefly looked at the statistics of lost productivity for businesses with disengaged employees and started on the path of helping you create an effective employee engagement strategy.

Employee engagement statistics

Those statistics spoke of the company whose employees are treading water and not doing much to be innovative, creative, or world class. You know the ones—and they affect your company’s bottom line. Taking a deeper look, though, we have to ask what the expense associated with employees who decide to leave your employment because they’re dissatisfied or disengaged really is. As a business leader, you know employee turnover is expensive, but let’s take a look at just how expensive.

The Work Institute’s 2019 Retention...

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Why employee engagement is important

Increased profitability is one reason why employee engagement is important.

You may be hearing a lot of buzz lately about the need for effective employee engagement. That’s for good reason. I would contend that employee engagement is the most effective way to move the needle of your company’s profitability. I understand that what I’ve just said is a bold and audacious claim. But I’m not overstating the importance of employee engagement here.

Engagement is the single most impactful way to inspire and retain your employees. You prefer to be interested and engaged in your work, so it only makes sense that your subordinates would want the same thing for themselves. 

Better bottom line

With your team members working at their highest potential, your chances of successfully bringing your company to a greater level of productivity and profitability is increased tenfold—and an important role of any business leader is to accomplish exactly that task. But,...

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